H. Laurence Schwab, M.F.T.

Navigating Your Relationship

About the Author

CaptureLaurence (Larry) Schwab, M.F.T., has integrated meaningful childhood experiences related to sailing, a family legacy of visual literacy, and a career dedicated to education and personal growth, to compose this guide for couples seeking help with the challenges of partnership.

Having taken more than ten years to craft a challenging and comforting “voyage,” the author honors his legacy, shares his experiences as a therapist, explains the precious metaphors that have guided his practice, and uses his creativity, teaching skills, and a therapist’s perspective to bring his ideas to the written page.

Schwab has discovered that when couples interact, both people feel small and look big at the same time, and that there are effective ways to handle that confounding and illogical distortion. All of the metaphors and stories shared in the book are intended to relate back to this theme and framework in some way.

Schwab has practiced as a Marriage and Family Therapist since his graduation from Hahnemann University (MFT) in 1987. He has worked in mental health clinics, inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, and his private practice, treating individuals, couples and families. He co-leads a men’s group that has been established for ten years, and has also taught and supervised other therapists.

Previous to his career as a therapist, Schwab studied in England, concentrating on educational studies, art, and sociology, worked in public television as a producer and writer, and taught television production to college undergraduates. He is also involved in helping church leaders determine best practices for governance by leading Board retreats and making presentations to congregations and groups.

Larry has three children and two grandsons, lives and works in suburban Philadelphia, while also maintaining an office in Wilmington, Delaware.