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Our Rush to Distortion

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In my writings, clinical practice, and musings, I have a tendency to simplify very complicated emotional and psychological processes in a way that I hope is helpful. One of my favorite ways to do that is to take the four … Continue reading

Forgiveness is Much More Likely Than Forgetting

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As a marriage counselor, a crucial part of my work entails the arrival of a couple that is devastated by the discovery of infidelity. Their intimate bubble has burst, raw emotions have been unleashed, and immediate resolution is unlikely, to … Continue reading

Getting Out of Your Own Way: Freedom, Response-ability, and Integrity

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You may have the impression that the healthiest most honest response is your first pure emotion. You may have come to believe that showing your emotions is the way to be authentic. Actually, this may be a trap, keeping you … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day account

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Valentine‚Äôs Day can be a mixed blessing for couples. Of course, it is ideally a moment to celebrate your special partnership and shared mission, but it also puts your expectations and behaviors under a brightly lit microscope. Actions and reactions … Continue reading

Goldilocks and integrity

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As a couple, are you experiencing a lot of tension? This is not all that original, but there could be a way to apply the Goldilocks principle to your cherished relationship. Remember the curious and confident Goldilocks, exploring the lair … Continue reading

Careful Listening

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H. Laurence Schwab, MFT, June 22, 2015 One of the compelling problems facing a couple as they navigate a relationship boat together is how to keep communication genuine and effective. The best communication for the sake of the boat includes … Continue reading